Productivity has been identified as a major source of the nation’s economic growth. Notwithstanding the traditional inputs of capital and labour, a productivity-based economy is able to provide a more sustainable source of growth and ensure that it is inclusive in nature.

Thus, unlocking the potential of productivity is one of the 6 game changers in the Eleventh Malaysia Plan, where the Malaysia Productivity Blueprint is one of the strategies to ensure productivity becomes a major source of growth. To date, many efforts are already in place that can contribute to productivity improvement, particularly under the various sectoral blueprints and roadmaps. All has been taken into account in formulating the Productivity Blueprint’s recommendations to improve productivity outcomes.

Five strategic thrusts form the core pillars of the Blueprint, from which 10 national- and 43 sector-level initiatives will be implemented, and supported through various Productivity Nexus. In the first wave, three Nexus covering retail, food & beverages; electrical & electronics; and chemical products subsectors will kick-start the industry-driven initiatives. Two more waves covering 6 more subsectors will follow suit.

This website, hosted by the Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister’s Department Malaysia (EPU) and Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), will be the main gateway to information regarding productivity for industries and enterprises.