Malaysia Productivity Blueprint (MPB)

Driving Productivity of the Nation

Malaysia has been making clear strides towards transforming into an advanced economy and inclusive nation, with a strong economic growth record. As Malaysia approaches its vision to become an advanced economy and inclusive nation by 2020, productivity improvement is critical for sustaining this positive trajectory.

Widening gap between GDP and labour productivity growth; lack of urgent and effective action will result in missing 2020 targets and significant loss of value-add. RMK-11 and other Government plans have set ambitious visions to accelerate productivity. Programmes and recommendations are plentiful, but implementation and enforcement has been considerably limited. To get to results, this Drive to Productivity needs to be done differently.

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Productivity must be addressed holistically

Strong coordination and governance

Productivity needs to be top of mind

5 key strategic thrusts

address core productivity challenges, beginning with policy change at national level, with targeted initiatives across each sector, and impact cascaded down to enterprises

Building workforce of the future

Restructuring workforce to shift balance towards higher-skilled workers, tightening entry of low-skilled workers, and meeting demands of the future economy

Driving digitalisation and innovation

Strengthening the readiness of enterprises to effectively adopt and exploit technology and digital advantage (e.g., Industry 4.0)

Making Industry Accountable for productivity

Intensifying liberalisation efforts, reducing reliance on non-critical subsidies, and linking financial assistance to productivity outcomes

Forging a Robust Eco-system

Addressing regulatory constraints and developing a robust accountability system to ensure effective implementation of regulatory reviews

Securing a strong implementation mechanism

Embedding culture of productivity through nationwide movement, and driving accountability in productivity performance through effective governance mechanism.

10 initiatives

These initiatives complement other medium- and long-term incentives which are on-stream