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GrasiCili PLT: Igniting the “Fiery” Spirit for Agropreneurship (English Version) Download
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Treegrow Orchids: Contract Farming Continues to “Blossom” in Malaysia’s Floriculture Industry (English Version) Download
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K-Farm: Profitting from the ‘Fruits’ of Education, Collaboration and Value Creation (English Version) Download
Tube Ventures: Inspiring an Exceptional “Breed” of Contract Farmers (English Version) Download
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Aqina Group: Toward a Vision of Shared Prosperity and Sustainability (English Version) Download
FLFAM Association: Getting Started – FLFAM President Shares Advice for Beginner Contract Farmers (English Version) Download

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10th Agro-Food Productive Webinar: Challenges in the Malaysian Poultry Industry Download
9th Agro-Food Productive Webinar: Modern Poultry Processing in Malaysia Download
8th Agro-Food Productive Webinar: Public Health Concerns in Poultry Production Download
7th Agro-Food Productive Webinar: Epidemiology of Bird Flu: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) and its threat to Malaysia Download
5th Agro-Food Productive Webinar: Enhancing Productivity and Yield in Poultry Production Download
6th Agro-Food Productive Webinar: Important Infectious Poultry Diseases in Malaysia Download
1st Agro-Food Productive Webinar: Transformation in The Malaysian Poultry Industry Download
Industry Induction Course for Interns 2019 – IT and Farm Technology by Prof Koo from MMU Download
Industry Induction Course for Interns 2019 – Post Harvest Handling by Dr Masniza from MARDI Download
Industry Induction Course for Interns 2019 – Agro-food Value Chain by Mr Kit from K-Farm Sdn Bhd Download
Industry Induction Course for Interns 2019 – Pesticides Stewardship by Marie Goh from Croplife Malaysia Download
Industry Induction Course for Interns 2019 – Introduction to MyGAP Scheme by Pn Juliana from DOA Download
Efficient Agriculture, Increase Sustainable, Increase Reliable Productivity Download
2nd Agro-Food Productive Webinar: The Role of Private and Public Sector in the Poultry Industry Download
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