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Unlocking greater productivity within Malaysia’s industrial sectors is one of the national strategies in place to drive our continuous economic growth and expansion. In line with this, the Government launched the Malaysia Productivity Blueprint (MPB) in May 2017 as part of the 11th Malaysia Plan. Within the MPB, nine priority subsectors were identified as presenting high potential growth for our country. In particular, the Electrical and Electronics (E&E) industry, where the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has been at the forefront of generating private public partnerships (PPPs) to drive productivity enhancement initiatives within the sector. The Electrical & Electronics (E&E) industry is a major subsector of the manufacturing sector, which has grown by leaps and bounds since 1972. The subsector is divided into two main industries; namely, computer, electronic, and optical products, and electrical equipment. In an effort to boost the E&E sector’s contribution to the national economy, the Electrical & Electronics Productivity Nexus (EEPN) led by industries and supported by the Government was formed in 2017. To further the success of strategies identified by the EEPN, the Delivery Management Office (DMO) of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) has undertaken the role to coordinate, monitor and evaluate delivery efforts of the MPB.



  • Strengthen collaboration between industry, government and universities to ensure supply of industry-ready engineers
  • Up-skill workers to prioritise innovative thinking to foster productive culture

Industry Structure

  • Accelerate collaboration
    and strengthen knowledge sharing between industry players through Centre of Excellence
  • Promote higher value add activities, including Research, Develpoment and Design and produce complex products

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