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As one of the engines running behind economic progress, the Machinery and Equipment (M&E) subsector is among the driving force across sectors, especially in manufacturing and services. It is such a key player in the Industry Revolution 4.0 that should it ‘break down’, it would not be long before we spin and crash on the highway to global economic collapse. Perhaps it is this cautiousness that makes the M&E subsector so reluctant to risk. Most of those within the M&E subsector tend to stick to traditional methods of business that ‘has worked before’. But in today’s fast-paced business environment, the approach of “if it’s not broke, why fix it” does not do much for productivity. As more developed nations become more competitive and adapting to new technologies, this perspective needs to be challenged so the nation does not get left in the dust.



Set up partnership between government and industry associations to up-skill existing employees

Industry Structure

  • Set up more product testing facilities to ensure standards are met
  • Set up Centre of Excellence for skilled professionals to share industry expertise and develop new technologies

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