For a lot of brick-and-mortar retail and F&B businesses, the new normal ‘bites’. The ones who hurt most are smaller businesses that had never used online platforms to market and sell their products. As more customers stay indoors, some businesses are still unsure how to get online or work with on-demand delivery services such as Grab, Foodpanda, and Lalamove, to cope with the customers’ needs.

As competition gets more intense, how do you market your products? How do you manage supply chain? More importantly, how to digitalise your business?

Need help? All you need to do is ask.

If you lack the know-how, the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) with Retail and Food & Beverage Productivity Nexus (RFBPN) is offering a mentoring program for retail and F&B businesses. Focused on “Productivity through Digitisation”, it aims to help boost business productivity and digital competency, speeding up economic growth for Malaysia as we battle through COVID-19.
Mentoring Program for Malaysian Retail & F&B

The right support determines the success of your business’ digitalisation. To meet this need, the program tailors to individual businesses in the digitisation journey with the help of customised online coaching. In this program, businesses will:

  • Evaluate

          Use ‘Self-Diagnostic Tool’ to check their own company readiness in going digital

  • Reflect (Reality-Check)! 

          Receive a business review and analysis with personalised coaching
          Prioritize focus area and establish customised roadmap for company digitisation

  • Execute

          Implement recommended solutions and track results!
Why does your business need to go digital?
Director-General of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), YBhg. Dato’ Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman emphasises, “Digitalisation was discovered to be one of the top strategies used to maintain productivity…and facilitates other ways for businesses to satisfy the needs of their customers.”.
Join the mentorship program and get ahead of the competition!  For more info, visit [link].


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