Have some burning questions about the #MyMudah initiative? Below, we have compiled an FAQ for #MyMudah to help you out!

  • What is the #MyMudah initiative?

Malaysia Mudah (#MyMudah) is an initiative by the Malaysian government to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens for businesses.

In the Economic Action Council (EAC) Meeting on 20 July 2020, chaired by YAB Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, EAC and Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) have been tasked to lead the #MyMudah initiative.

  • What is regulatory burden on business?

Regulatory burdens arise from the costs due to regulations that would otherwise not be there. Generally, regulations are meant to improve business practices and meet economic objectives. But at times, some can have a negative impact on businesses, in various areas such as:

(1) Administrative and operational requirements
(2) Requirements on the way goods are produced or services supplied
(3) Requirements on the characteristics of what is produced or supplied
(4) Lost production and marketing opportunities due to prohibitions

When a regulation is poorly designed or implemented, leading to more burden than it should – it becomes an unnecessary regulatory burden. These are regulations that can be overlapping, outdated, excessive, or without a clear purpose.

  • Why is #MyMudah created?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented economic impact globally. As businesses resume operations, it is crucial to optimize productivity to ensure business sustainability. However, unnecessary regulatory burdens can slow down recovery and growth.

Acknowledging how serious this is, the government is committed in minimising the economic impact by assisting businesses burdened by unnecessary regulations, with the #MyMudah initiative.

  • What are the goals of #MyMudah?

The purpose of #MyMudah is simple yet crucial; to identify, review and remove business regulations that no longer make sense. This initiative is expected to lessen business compliance cost, create more job opportunities and stimulate the economy.

  • How does #MyMudah benefit businesses?

Businesses in Malaysia are spending approximately RM40 billion on regulatory compliance cost. Upon its implementation, #MyMudah is expected to reduce it by 25%, generating around RM10 billion in savings for businesses, following the reduction in regulatory burden and compliance costs. This would mean more productive hours, better use of expenses and a more conducive business environment for economic growth.

  • How does #MyMudah work?

As a first step, we need your voice! If you are a company or business owner, you can forward and highlight your regulatory issues through the Unified Public Consultation (UPC) Portal besides taking part in dialogues organised by EAC and MPC. The highlighted issues will then be analysed by the Business Facilitation Action Team (PEMUDAH) and escalated to the EAC meetings to be assessed before a decision is made.

The decisions made at the EAC meetings will be implemented by ministries and state governments. These decisions may include temporarily or permanently abolishing, modifying, waiving or exempting regulations that are unnecessarily burdensome to businesses, as well as simplifying procedures and shortening processing time to facilitate ease of doing business.

To ensure measurable outcome, PEMUDAH will monitor the performance of every ministry and state government by making periodic reports to the EAC.

  • How to submit feedback to be considered?

Wish to be part of the solution? Company and business owners who are burdened with unnecessary regulations can forward the issues they face through the Unified Public Consultation (UPC) Portal.

Click here for direct link to submit your feedback.

Alternatively, you may follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit UPC Portal at https://upc.mpc.gov.my
Step 2: In the ‘Ongoing Consultations’ list, select the MalaysiaMudah (#MyMudah) submission paper
Step 3: Select ‘How to Submit Your Response”
Step 4: Complete the form and submit

  • Is there a financial commitment when submitting feedback?

No. There is no financial payment/ fee for submitting feedback.

  • Who can be contacted for more information?

For more information, you may email us at mymudah@mpc.gov.my

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