In the 21st century, everybody seems to know this – going digital helps businesses run better. But is it as easy as it sounds?

Most companies are aware of how digitisation can improve their business productivity and competitiveness. But beyond just setting up a website and a social media account, they often lack the know-how on providing a holistic, digital transformation journey for customers. The most common mistake; companies do not prioritise based on relevant focus areas, leading to a wild goose chase that ends in subpar outcomes.

It matters to personalise your digitisation plan

The tricky part; companies need to arrive to the same place – the digital arena – but there is no universal roadmap to get there. Different businesses serve different people, to meet varying needs. So to help companies develop their own individual digitisation roadmap, the M&E Productivity Nexus (MEPN) is introducing the PRODUCTIVITY1010 initiative that focuses on Productivity through Digitisation.

PRODUCTIVITY1010 covers two major steps, consisting of:

  • Step 1 : Checking if your business is ready

Using the Digitization Self-Diagnostic Tool, companies will self-check their readiness in digitisation by answering 15 questions. Upon completing the assessment, the company can participate in Business Virtual Advisory Mentoring (BVAM) Programme that offers 10 hours virtual mentoring session with certified experts.

  • Step 2: Designing your next move, in a smart way

Using the Prioritisation via Business Virtual Mentoring Services ( BVAM) , a management planning tool, companies can quantitatively identify what needs to be prioritised where improvements bring the most benefit. The matrix consists of the 4Rs – Reality Check, ROI calculation, Review KPIs, and Reference global best practice.

More M&E companies are going digital

Through this initiative, MEPN aims to help 1000 companies in manufacturing sector to start their digitisation journey. At the same time, it expects to produce more than 20 industry experts to transfer knowledge and technology to the industry.

Like to know more or excited to go digital? Contact the MEPN secretariat at:

Email: and

Tel: 03-79512392 &



Tel: 03-79557266



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