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Lesson learned during MCO, where the entire manufacturing plant only allow to operate by 30% or 50% resources; many SMEs faced to priority the critical product to manufacture for their customers and clear the product delivery backlog. Inputs from the observation, those SMEs have digitalised their manufacturing process able to push their manufacturing capacity to maximum.

In order to ensure Malaysia SMEs not phasing out in Post Covid-19 Pandemic, this is critical to help them to digitalize their manufacturing process. Machinery & Equipment Productivity Nexus (MEPN) in collaboration with Malaysia Industrial 4.0 System Integrator (MISI4.0) Association and Malaysia Automation and Technology (MATA) have established the Digitization Self-Diagnostic and Prioritization Matrix tools to help manufacturing businesses to embark on digitization journey.

In developing this tools, We did 5 main cross reference to benchmark namely TUVSUD and VDMA (The Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) in Germany; WMG, University of Warwick, UK; EDB,Singapore and Industry4WRD, MITI MALAYSIA said Mr. David Khor, President of MISI4.0. 

Digitization Self-Diagnostic Tool offer businesses to self-check their readiness in digitization by answering 15 questions only. Upon completion of assessment, the company can participate MPC Business Virtual Advisory Mentoring (BVAM) Programme to start their digitization journey.

BVAM offer 10 hours virtual mentoring session with the guidance of 20 System Integrators from MISI4.0 and MATA who are certified as coaches by MPC.

During the mentoring programme, a group of 5 companies will be guided by nominated coach to establish individual company digitization roadmap through Prioritisation matrix tool.

Designed as a management planning tool, the Prioritisation Matrix encompassed 4Rs’ framework – Reality Check, ROI calculation, Review KPIs, and Reference global best practice. The goal is to assist companies in quantitatively identifying the high priority index dimensions where Improvements will bring the most benefit.

We target to assist 1000 companies in manufacturing sector to start the ditigisation journey to improve productivity for long term competitiveness.

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