Key Performance Indicators for Productivity (MyProKPI)


  • Can’t tell if your employees have been productive.
  • Can’t seem to get them to do more work with better quality, timeliness and according to company SOPs.
  • Don’t know how to assign workload fairly.
  • Don’t know how to reward employees fairly.
  • How to set and track your employees’ productivity quickly.


Do you know KPIs can make your business more productive?

MyProKPI program is developed to support your business in uplifting productivity through Key Performance Indicators (KPI) implementation.

Now you can self-learn at your own pace without pulling away from your jobs by accessing our micro learning videos!

Why you need MyProKPI

How to get your MyProKPI e-certificate?

  1. Access and learn five MyProKPI micro learning videos in sequence.
  2. Answer the online assessment accordingly.
  3. Once you pass the assessment, you will be awarded e-certificate of accomplishment.

Feel free to repeat this online assessment as many times as you wish!

Happy Learning!


Kick Start Your Business Transformation Through MyProKPI

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