This subsector is one of the Government’s focus areas, which aims to help transform Malaysia into a high-income nation by 2020. Its impact is felt in the world of travel and hospitality, with game-changing innovations and an excellent service culture. Tourism is an opportunity to further showcase Malaysia’s economic, social, cultural, environmental, and heritage values. It is becoming a more significant engine of economic development. Therefore, the Government puts more emphasis on strategic planning for sustainable growth in this subsector. 

About Tourism Productivity Nexus (TPN)

The Productivity Nexus for Tourism is a one-stop centre that caters to enterprises to boost productivity while increasing innovation and capturing growth opportunities. The initiatives emphasises the development of a holistic ecosystem in order to increase technology adoption and further strengthen key industry enablers

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Tour Event

Tourism Productivity Nexus Governing Committee Brainstorming Session

A brainstorming session to gather ideas on how to assist the tourism industry players during this very critical time was attended by the members of …